Me? There’s one person I have to thank God for last year. Someone who rescued me from loneliness, who cares for me, who loves me so much, who have so much respect knowing what’s right for me, not just the good and the bad but also my needs and wants. Someone I considered a true bestfriend because there are times that I’ll leave him with nothing but still strong enough to choose me over everything because he treats me the best, and the one he’ll ever find guilt, and loss, slipping away. Someone who finds me cheerful and loves me being cheerful, my very own ‘Team A!’, my confidante, his parents’ most reliable ‘friend’. And as 2017 came a few minutes ago, he’s still the one I’ll be thankful to God for until next year, then the next year, and the next year and so on, I wish. Because he showed me my real self, someone that is brought to life out of kindness and generosity for other people just as he showed the same to my life. Baby, this is what I want to tell you on our upcoming anniversary but I just cannot contain my happiness knowing you and loving you ’til 2016 ends last night. Thank you for everything! I know I’m not sweet sometimes but I’m really thankful that you are, it never changed ’til last night. Today’s day one, and I hope what you’ve made up for us last year should be the same for the whole 365 days we have which already started. I will love you ’til our lifetime, that sure is a practical assurance I can make for now but please hold my hand tighter always. I love you! And thank you for a remarkable 205 days we had last year. 😘 #danieldialogues – with Diego Maria Sebastian Manuel

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