They don’t have to be recruited in the army, but for once, they became a soldier, willing to fight for us.

They don’t have the magic, nor created anything out of their own might, but God blessed and still bless them so much, you know you’re missing something when they are not around.

They cannot solve all of our problems. Of course I’m sure you know, but still, you are contented, satisfied, fulfilled, answered, once they have uttered the words you are or even not, willing to hear.

They are not your close friend, not even your closest, but, you cannot hide the tears as soon as they start striking that soft spot you’re trying to cover with stubborness, willing to take their advice and obey.

They don’t like to play the main role, supporting role was once enough, but little they know, they deserve an applause and a standing ovation for being

Our mother.

Ma, Momma, Mommy, Nanay.

Today’s 12th of November and not even 2nd Sunday of May, but I came across this picture to give importance to all the Mothers around the world, just as my friend, Liah, who crammed to make her daughter, Aishia’s birthday party successful. Thank you, bes, for inviting us. Salute!

To my Ma, love you! Pauwi na po kami ni Ate, bus na (as of the time this was posted). – with Liah at Jollibee

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