Why are you voting for Duterte? Can I just ask why?

I hope you just take a look at these links before you vote. After you do, and you still want to vote for him, I at least thank you for thinking through your vote.

1) Why do you trust his words, but its all words and he has no word of honor?


“I wont be a substitute candidate.”

2) Why are you okay with burying Marcos in the Libingan ng Mga Bayani? Why are you willing to treat the World’s Greatest Thief and the nation’s greatest human rights abuser as a hero? Why are you willing to insult the dignity of the victims of the Marcos Regime?


3) Why are you okay with the abolition of Labor Unions, the greatest weapon of labor to balance capital?


4) Why are you okay with impunity and murder of the innocent? Why are you okay with judgment without due process? Isn’t it that the right to due process is precisely for the protection of the innocent? What makes you think that you will not be a victim of mistaken identity? How would you feel safe in a murder field where extrajudicial killings proliferate?


5) Why are you convinced that he will end crime in the national level, well in fact he doesn’t have concrete plans and data show that he wasn’t able to do it in Davao?


6) Why are you okay with NPA Taxation? Isn’t it that there’s only one sovereign which he swore to defend when he was elected as Mayor? Isn’t this an insult to the thousands of soldiers who fought for the defense of the state?

NPA taxation a reality, just pay them – Duterte

7) Why are you okay with such an undiplomatic personality that puts to shame our country before the international community? Mexico incident? Pope? Now Australia? Are you aware that the President is the Chief Diplomat of the country, a representation of the majesty of the Filipino People?


“Putang ina ka Pope!”

“This is politics, Australia stay out! I won’t apologize!”

8) Why are you okay with commodification of women and the disrespect of maids?

“Maid lang naman!”

9) Why are you okay with Quibuloy’s influence despite him grabbing land from Indigenous groups and abusing religion?

Rodrigo Duterte and the Appointed Son of God

10) Why are you okay with free-ing GMA? Remember ZTE, Fertilizer Scam, E.O. 464, Proclamation 1017, Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard and Hello Garci?



On Bong Revilla:


11) Why is it that Duterte attracts violent supporters and bullies? Oh right, because he is one. Why allow this to further proliferate?



12) Why are we willing to barter our territorial integrity for trains? Why are you willing to shut up? and then he changes to bilateral talks, perhaps a worse idea?


13) Why will you vote for somebody who will destroy checks and balances and heavily militarize the country? Can’t the military and the police be the source of abuses and crimes too?

“Kapag ginawa ninyo yan, sasabihan ko mga military, tumindig kay, umalis kayo. Kapag na-contempt of Congress kayo, (ipapatawag) ko armor (tanks) ng Army sa Fort Bonifiacio. Sirain mo nga yang putang inang Congress na yan,” said Duterte

14) Why are you willing to allow to rule our country somebody who thinks he is god to decide who gets to live and who gets to die? Why are you okay with selective justice that is based on caprice and whim?


Why are you giving our nation away to such a grave threat to our nation’s democracy?

15) Why are you okay with LGBT Discrimination? Why is it okay to associate cowardice and weakness with gays?


16) Why are you okay with notorious tardiness? Isn’t the president supposed to be a diligent worker?


Why, oh why, oh why?

I hope you reconsider. I really hope so, before it’s too late. While politics could be entertaining, our future is no entertainment.


Not mine, but a good eye opener.
(C) Dino de Leon on facebook and others.

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