Now I understand why Japanese or Koreans commit suicide when the pressure is on them while being condemned.

It’s that feeling that no one would like to fight for you against that one person blaming you for something you just forgot or you forgot because there’s an important thing that seeks urgency.

Like me right now.

Kung alam ko lang naman na pwedeng kunin sa’yo yung Pend for Dep na updated, at kung hindi ko lang hinahabol yung oras na ini-expect ng agencies yung reports, e di sana updated yung files.

Pero… I took the blame already, “sorry, it’s my fault…”, “fine, it’s my fault, sorry…” na yung binabanggit ko, kung ano-ano pang sinasabi mo, I just can’t decide to do anything that would cause a delay that’s why I have to decide on my own.

Pero ikaw, you disrespected me, and my supervisor lang naman for your authority override.

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